Commitments 2021

Jan 28, 2021

The lost year of 2020 is over, but the felt state of limbo and stasis lingers on. To muddle through such inertia, communitas and creation seem like the cure!

On a personal note, my attention is being drawn to a praxis in the dark arts of symbol manipulation; word craft, code, music and aesthetics. Installing a self-hosted publication for the purposes of active learning, seemed like a good move to me.

In that spirit, please feel invited to jump in! If you want to join me, pick a domain or narrative and start to master it. As you practice, document and package the output, if it's of a reasonable quality you can publish it here - which is my plan of action at least!


Creating artifacts is all well and good, but new skills are best tested in service to something. Luckily, there's a couple of events on the horizon:

Equinox - 20th March

If a downbeat fell last Equinox and an upbeat carried us into Solstice, then we're only half a bar into the song. Having started a rhythm, it must repeat to become so. For now I'm just going to contribute some artifacts towards signalling the next event. This is one of them. Potential futures emerge just by getting mentioned. More details will manifest, so for now perhaps just signal a gathering for Equinox on the 20th March.

There's other events on the cosmic calendar of course, so my suggestion is to stack them up as practice sessions for a performance event at CCC. Take whatever your creating and upcycle it; discussions can become articles, and articles can become workshops!

InterSect @CCC - 27th Dec

For post-conventional thinking, Chaos Communication Congress appears to have a gravity center the size of mecca. Attend it together at the end of the year? Count me in. A few friends from across cults are conspiring to gather an assembly if you'd like to join us in organising something. Please BYO flag, coolaid and meta-narrative. Being organised is an overlooked skill in many self-organising communities so if you want to get involved, please signal intentions to each other as early and as often as possible!!

Closing Notes

This post is just to articulate how I plan to spend my time over the next year. The following post will be to explain how to organise an event for those who want to be "producers" and help with the heavy lifting. If your interested in contributing, you may do so either asynchronously in your own communities or publicly in this Discord server... or both!

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